Downtown Phantom Gallery's is a program set into place to help alleviate some of the blight associated with vacant store fronts downtown.


The second Phantom Gallery was set up in the vacant Goldberg's Furniture windows at 117 W Wishkah St.


Both windows and the doors were cleaned. The carpet was vacuumed and all miscellaneous items were moved behind a wall to be hidden from view.

Art panels were brought in and stationed on easels. Then the art was hung and lit. Lights are on a timer and go off by 11pm.

Finally, signs were added explaining the program and directing visitors to the Aberdeen Art Center and the web site for more info.

The Phantom Gallery program mirrors a similar program implemented in Long Beach California. The example to the left is an example of what can grow from these Phantom Galleries. Gallery Expo was set up to get rid of blight caused by over 8 years of vacancy and is still going after 13 years! It is now the center piece to the EXPO Arts Center and a thriving economy that blossomed around it.

The Alder Grove Gallery window at 200 W Market Street was the first Aberdeen Phantom Gallery and was in place for one year before the gallery opened. Windows were changed out monthly and continue to showcase local fine art now that the gallery is open.





Property owners interested in becoming a Phantom Gallery and artists interested in showing in a Phantom Gallery can contact Director Douglas Orr at 562-208-4226

Golderg's Phantom Gallery

Goldberg's Phantom Gallery

Gallery Expo Phantom Gallery

Alder Grove Gallery window

The Reiner's Phantom Gallery


This intersection is the busiest downtown with about 30,000 cars monthly either going straight to Ocean Shores or turning left to head out to Westport. The addition of artwork and door signs tells a story about art and leads visitors to the Aberdeen Art Center and Alder Grove Gallery.

Reiners Phantom Gallery

Reiners Phantom Gallery

Reiners Before our makeover